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Temperatures Rise As Trump Squares Off Against Hillary

This week’s Streamwars radio broadcast, the 30 minute streaming Internet show analyzing current events in the light of Bible Prophecy, will look at the huge controversy building in the American Empire, associated with the Life and Death political struggle surrounding the 2016 Presidential election.

We’ve been seeking prophetic guidance on the outcome of the election, and several scenarios have been presented in the Spiritual realm. The new TV episode of Streamwars deals with that – but first a bit of background. In a private writing directed to the core group of volunteers and supporters of the Christian Media ministry, dated July 1st, I wrote the following:

We have no illusions about Trump, and the LORD controls the flow of history. Hillary is a different kind of nightmare, so this will not end well, no matter how it goes. By the way, when that horrible Clinton woman finally comes to her end, there will be some kind of prophetic echo of the end of Jezebel in the Old Testament (OT). It might be related to a Spiritual version of the window she was thrown from in Jezreel (Esdraelon in the Greek), but more likely it will be related to some kind of Spiritual dogs – as in Elijah’s prediction. The scenario I’m sensing says the well known political faction known as the “Blue Dog Democrats” (which is a euphemism for conservative Congressional Democrats) will turn on her, thereby supporting Donald Trump.

We note the historic Jezebel survived Ahab, so that resonates with the obvious fact that Bill’s presidency has come and gone, and it’s obvious he will never be returned to power.

It may be that Hillary wins the election, causes the Deadly Wound pattern to accelerate and intensify by continuing the lunacy of Barack Obama (culminating in war), and is overthrown in a revolution, so whether Trump wins or not, Trump’s statement [regarding the Deadly Wound] is a sign that tells us he is the man who will lead the way to the healing of the Deadly Wound.

Further, the financial Deadly Wound does not address adjacent prophetic themes related to Islamic aggression, so if America does not get hit big time by Islam before the election, Hillary would likely win so that the Democratic stupidity she brings would facilitate the military wound (the “sword” in Revelation). It’s far more likely a huge military type strike will occur before the election (probably killing an unprecedented number on American soil), which will then guarantee a Trump victory – and the subsequent healing of the Deadly Wound (Christian Median Letter, 07/01/2016).

In the new Streamwars, we again re-iterate the fundamental theme of the White Horse, Red Horse, Black Horse, Pale Horse pattern – but it is now highly accelerated, differentiating it from prior manifestations. We further see aspects of the German struggle in the 1930’s reiterated.

Those familiar with history know the Communists almost took Germany, but the Fascist backlash barely prevailed. In this period, the Dialectical think-tank that was the Frankfort School fled, and welcomed in educational establishment in the US.

Back to the eerie parallel between the two American candidates, the dislike factor in the two most powerful parties in Germany was pivotal, as the nation was sharply divided between the Communists and the National Socialists (the Nazis). Even though the Nationalists were growing in power as the German republic was falling apart, an electoral contest showed surprisingly sharp gains for the Communists. Yet neither was able to achieve a decisive majority.

The parallel to this was seen in the first 2 weeks of August, as polls showed Hillary (the left) pulling well ahead of Trump. In a parallel of the Republican reluctance to support Trump, the splinter parties (Constitutionalists, Libertarians, a Catholic party, etc), and the money power which still had wealth, feared the Communist rise (read the Democrats) so, late in the pattern, they reluctantly embraced the Nazis.

The Fascists were elected, and using emergency powers, they violently eliminated the far left, which had already escalated the fight to violent proportions. All of these patterns continue to manifest, but now they occur faster and faster.

“Our hands wax feeble: anguish hath taken hold of us, and pain, as of a woman in travail” (Jeremiah 6:24).

In the large version of the prophetic attern, the White Horse British Empire lasted centuries, until the Red Horse popularist version seen in the English, French, American, and Bolshivic Revolutions came to pass. Then the Black Horse of Fascism arrived, and after WW2, the Pale Horse of a composite globalism emerged.

The pattern was reiterated with George HW Bush (knighted by the British Crown) announced his version of the elitest New World Order in 1991, resuming a rapid fire version of the White Horse. Then Moscow educated Bill Clinton came in with another round of the Red Horse, and the war president GW Bush again put on the Black Horse boots. Barack Obama is as mingled as they get, and his version of the Pale Horse set the stage for another iteration of the cycle.

At the beginning of the current campaign, another White Horse (Jeb Bush) was eliminated, Killery Clinton (pushed to the left by Bernie Sanders) showed her Red Horse colors, and Donald Trump is indeed another swing to the Black Horse – and the healing of the Deadly Wound.

Another version of the Pale Horse, whose rider is Death (Revelation 6:9) is inevitable, and these patterns are discussed in the new Streamwars TV program now online at Streamwars.com

The radio version of Streamwars with James Lloyd, airs on all 3 of the Christian Media NetworksChristianMediaNetwork.com, GEOmedianetwork.com, and the V Channel (VChannel.us). The show is heard on all three of Christian Media’s radio networks, which will also broadcast the program. As an outreach of the Christian Media ministry, Streamwars functions as a platform to address political, economic, and current events from a Christian perspective.

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Political events (to say nothing of prophecy being fulfilled in America) are difficult subjects to accurately analyze, but they are important aspects of the output of Christian Media, the ministry organization which produces the Streamwars outreach. In many cases, those who are concerned about America in the treacherous days in which we live, are being misled by all sorts of faulty Spiritual perspectives, and the events leading up to the end of the age are no exception. Worse yet, under the “maddening wine” exported by the Spirit of Antichrist, the identities of the key players in prophecy are commonly reversed.

A written analysis of the American predicament, as well as the identities involved, is found in the book AMERICAN BABYLON

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